Thank you for your interest in joining the IQAS accreditation scheme

Please complete the following form, which requests information about your service and contains the terms and conditions of registration.

Once we have received your application we will be in contact with the person listed as the accreditation lead. You will be invoiced for your annual fee, and once paid, we will grant you access to the webtool where you will be able to work towards your accreditation.

Entry criteria

The standards and evidence requirements apply to comprehensive adult allergy services based in the UK. At this time, paediatric allergy services and allergic contact dermatitis services are out of scope.

General allergy, allergen-specific immunotherapy and challenges (food and drug) are core to a ‘comprehensive allergy service’. Services are eligible for accreditation only if they offer these ‘core services’. Centres where a certain aspect of the ‘core service’ is provided by another department within the same NHS Trust (eg allergen-immunotherapy is provided by Respiratory Physicians, or drug challenges are provided by Clinical Pharmacologists or Anaesthetists), can also be accredited subject to demonstration of clear referral pathways, governance structure and adherence to the standards. Services with a single consultant (or limited capacity) or offering a limited range of the ‘core services’ within their trust cannot be accredited as a ‘comprehensive allergy service’ but can apply as a ‘spoke’ to a ‘hub’ in a joint application process.

If your service has a single consultant, limited capacity or offers a limited range of the 'core services' then please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss this with you. By completing this form, you confirm that your service is eligible for accreditation.

Privacy Notice

The RCP will use the data collected on this form to manage your IQAS registration and inform your accreditation assessment.

This includes using the email address(es) provided to send all joining instructions and communication relating to your participation within the scheme.

In order to deliver this service, your data will be shared with any assessors allocated to your assessment, all of whom have signed confidentiality agreements as part of their role. You will be asked to declare any potential conflicts of interest prior to this access being granted.

This data will be retained in RCP systems until withdrawal from the scheme in order to maintain a record of your membership and monitor the status of your accreditation. Personal data, including names and email addresses, will be removed from the system in the event of you leaving the registered service.

For more information about how the RCP manages registration information and assessment data, please follow the link below to our processing notice.

Unless you have opted out at the point of registration, the RCP would like to keep you informed about IQAS’s key developments and training opportunities. If you decide to opt out at a later date, this can be done by contacting the IQAS office ( / 0203 075 1508).