Steering group

The IQAS steering group provides expert advice and guidance to the IQAS programme, ensuring its good governance and oversight and takes responsibility for developing the programme and planning its future direction. The steering group meets twice a year and, as well as the office team and clinical lead, includes representatives of all main stakeholders in allergy.

Dr Nasreen Khan

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

IQAS clinical lead/chair

Dr Patrick Yong

Frimley Health NHS Trust

JCIA Representative 

Dr Kosta Stoenchev

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Trainee representative 

Dr Tariq El-Shanawany

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Wales representative

Ms Simone Miles 

Allergy UK

Patient group representative 

Ms Cynthia Yim 

Senior Project Manager 

Royal College of Physicians representative

Dr Guy Scadding

BSACI representative  

Ms Teena Chowdhury

Deputy Director

Royal College of Physicians representative 

Dr Syed Hasan Arshad

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

AAG representative

Ms Chloe Shields

Programme coordinator

Royal College of Physicians representative 

Ms Kathryn Powrie

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

BSACI nurse representative  

Mr Alex Yeung

Programme administrator

Royal College of Physicians

Mr Matt Doyle

BSACI primary care group representative

CEO Simon Williams 

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Patient group representative

Dr John David Edgar

St James's Hospital Foundation

Republic of Ireland representative 

Dr Claire Bethune

Clinical Reference Group

Dr Lisa Devlin

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust 

Northern Ireland representative

Dr Lavanya Diwkar

University Hospitals North Midlands

Co-opted member 



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